Five Grand, Five Days


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Last December, we met our goal of raising five grand in five days to keep The Independent going through 2010. We’re here again, asking for the minimum donations needed to stay afloat through 2011. Why donate? Here are a few of this year’s accomplishments:

  • We reported on the inspiring filmmakers at Haiti’s Ciné Institute; provided in-depth reviews of New Directors/New Films, Tribeca (features and shorts), New York Film Festival, and more; continued our popular column by Doc Doctor Fernanda Rossi on debunking storytelling myths; and added the instructive Filmmaker Journal by Valerie Weiss.
  • We raised enough money to rescue and retrieve 30 years of print magazines for our Archive Preservation Project, which includes providing a complete collection to Harvard College Libraries.
  • We increased our subscriber base to almost 13,000, with help from summer intern Courtney Sheehan, who also wrote for us about distribution.
  • We expanded our masthead, and will be announcing the addition of new editorial and reporting staff soon.


    If the idea is to raise at least one grand per day, then we need your help to make up for lost time to meet our modest $5,000 goal. Please, don’t wait till day three, four, or five to make your tax-deductible contribution.

    We have faith that you’ll pull through which is why on day two we’re upping the ante and asking for another valuable resource–your opinion. Click here to answer important questions about you and what you need from The Independent; it only requires a few moments.



    As anyone who has asked for money knows, you must appear simultaneously vulnerable and indelible—like you’ll solve a major world issue or introduce some form of mind-blowing new art form—but only if someone gives you $5.

    It’s like walking a tightrope. Naked.

    Here’s the deal: we’ve raised $840 dollars so far thanks to MM, DH, LC, CM, LH, CF, VB, MT, CH, LL, JV, JB, and LK. That’s 13 donors doing the heavy lifting for 13,000 readers with an average donation of $65. We need to add you to this list today!

    Did you know there’s an incredibly dedicated, competent group of professionals working very hard, almost entirely in their off-time, to keep The Independent going? Today we officially welcome Katie O’Connell, Kurt Brokaw, Beth Brosnan, Randi Cecchine, and Maddy Kadish to the ranks of our masthead. Earlier this year, Cristina Sousa took on more responsibility on the editorial team and Kerry O’Donnell started editing our next distribution book.

    Please consider demonstrating your support with a tax-deductible contribution. If that’s not possible, please share your opinions with us here.

    Tomorrow we’ll bring news of our successes with the archive project, and hopefully a 24-hour miracle that makes it our last fundraising email of 2010.


    Thanks to JPS, MP, MP, KT, and CB for making donations yesterday and helping us break the $1,000 mark. You have no idea how far we’ll stretch your generosity. Now for you other readers, hate to break it to you, but we’re on track for a Five Grand, FIFTY Day fundraiser. Do you think we’re kidding around about needing this dough? We’re not. Please, help us put a stop to the emails. Donate today!

    To encourage you, here’s a lovely anecdote:

    As many of you know, the old Independent Film & Video Monthly magazines dating back to 1978 are neither digitized nor easily accessible. So when we field requests from scholars for particular articles, we have to hunt through our own incomplete collection, send our regrets, or send out calls to you, our dedicated readers.

    Just last month we posted such a call on Facebook and within 24 hours the author, Fred Johnson, chimed in – he thought he had a copy, but it too was locked away in his own “form of a New Jersey warehouse.”

    Never fear, in stepped our hero, Pat Thomson, who edited the magazine from 1991 to 2001. (Yes, editors can be heroes too!) She scanned the article at home and within another day or two the scholar had pdfs in his in-box.

    Add to that the fact that we successfully raised enough money last month to get the magazines out of hock, assessed, and delivered to a partner we trust will preserve it for a long, long time: Harvard College Libraries.

    Score two for community. Zero for complacency.

    I ask you, readers, zealots of independent film, what is the tally of community vs. complacency today?

    Maybe you’re bursting at the seems with indie film community – you have so many outlets, and know so many like-minded film lovers that you no longer have a need for The Independent? Or you’ve outgrown us? Or you adore us but have to dedicate financial resources to the grocery bill? No matter your story, we want to hear it. We actually CARE to hear your opinion.

    So we ask for the fourth time this week: Please share your money and your opinion.


    It’s our fifth and supposedly final request in our Five Grand, Five Days fundraising campaign. Though we have not yet reached our goal, we want to thank our donors thus far: MM, DH, LC, CM, LH, CF, VB, MT, CH, LL, JV, JB, LK, MP, MP, KT, CB, JPS, SM, RA, ZFP, RS, RS, and BM.

    Your geneorus support will help cover the basic operating costs that keep our site live and fresh with insight about independent filmmaking today. But in all honesty, we haven’t raised enough to cover everything for 2011. We’ll either have to keep asking, or ask again soon.


    Because we did not reach our goal, we will continue to accept donations and opinions through December 31, 2010, including the offer that those who donate $50 or more can request a complimentary copy of The Independent’s Guide to Film Distributors.

    Warm wishes and gratitude,

    Staff & Board
    Independent Media Publications, a 501c3 nonprofit

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    2 Responses to “Five Grand, Five Days”

    1. jamsk

      Made a $50 donation. Do you automatically send the distribution guide or do you need my mailing info?

    2. erin

      PayPal provides a mailing address (entered by you). We are sending emails to confirm those addresses before the books are shipped in January. If you donate by check, we’ll have your address. If you donate through Network for Good, you need to email us at info AT