Five Grand, Five Days


THANK YOU in advance for providing financial contributions, comments, smarts, and time. Your expressions of support are the reason we continue publishing The Independent.


Donate online with a credit card.

Mail a check to:

Independent Media Publications
PO Box 391620
Cambridge, MA 02139

Donate by Facebook Cause

*Network for Good does not provide contact information for donors. We will not be able to send you a personal thank you.


We only ask once a year. And because of our dedicated team of volunteers, our request is very modest: Five Grand is the bare minimum needed to keep The Independent going through 2013. Here’s what we’ve given you in 2012:


Every individual demonstration of support enables us to keep bringing you word from the streets and the fields of independent media-making.


In addition to those who participated in interviews or acted as sources, the following people gave their time, expertise, & support to publish our stories in 2012:

Steven Abrams
Sara Archambault
Ralph Arlyck
John Bodt
Katherine Brodsky
Kurt Brokaw
Beth Brosnan
Wendy Dent
Catherine Epstein
Michael Galinsky
Mike Hofman
Brandon Irvine
Maddy Kadish
Neil Kendricks
LJ Kessels
Nathaniel Robin Mann
Michele Meek
Patrick Pearce
David Pierotti
Rebecca Reynolds
Jason Rosette
Phil Saroyan
Cristina Sousa
Mike Sullivan
Erin Trahan

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