Author: Ben Garchar

Ben Garchar is a director based in NYC. His work has played at festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, Raindance, and DC Shorts. Recent work includes Fathers and Sons, a short documentary chronicling Ben’s continually evolving relationship with his father, grandfather, and cinema. In development are Bushwick, a visual documentary of the popular and sometimes controversial Brooklyn neighborhood, and Lone, a fiction-feature set in Brooklyn amidst a real estate war and growing racial, economic, and sexual tensions.

Articles Written by Ben Garchar:

How to Shoot Your Film on 35mm and Not Break the Bank

Back in 2014 I did something kind of crazy. I made a short film, Jake, using 35mm film. The movie, a poignant narrative about the aspects of duality in character and persona, is a loose continuation of my college thesis, Run to Me Run from Me (2009). That had been the last time I used… Read more »