Author: Dante A. Ciampaglia

Articles Written by Dante A. Ciampaglia:

Three Approaches to Marketing an Independent Film

Independent filmmakers don’t have the luxury of the publicity divisions employed by studios. Yet smart filmmaker know that a film’s marketing is crucial to its success or failure—and doing it well requires an enormous amount of time and effort. So, they tap the passion, wherewithal, determination, and moxie that drives them to make films in… Read more »

Feverish Ambitions: Northern Ireland's First Independent Film Festival

Kung fu zombies are rarely catalysts for film festivals. Rather, they’re the stuff of cult canons and film student fever dreams. Rarely seen together, the two B-movie genre standards are a mother lode of midnight movie possibility and it’s amazing more filmmakers haven’t mined it. Northern Ireland filmmaker George Clarke is one of the few… Read more »

The Sarasota 350: Reject This!

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” “It’s not you, it’s me.” “I just want to be friends.” “Thanks, but no thanks.” However it’s put, rejection sucks. It makes us question our worth and, yes, even our very existence. It happens when we get dumped, passed over for a job, or, if you’re… Read more »