Author: LJ Kessels

LJ Kessels is a Dutch native and graduate of the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. She’s a freelance writer and involved in the organization of various (film) festivals throughout Europe.

Articles Written by LJ Kessels:

Now Playing (Again): “Fort McMoney”

David Dufresne’s interactive documentary game is back for a second round. Fort McMoney returned on January 27, 2014, and in the words of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) press release: “The fate of the world’s largest energy project is in play [again].” A documentary on the world largest oil sands meets SimCity. Experience… Read more »

IDFA 2013: The Endless Frontier of Interactive Reality

The Interactive Reality Conference on November 24th was organized by IDFA Doclab’s Caspar Sonnen and Veerle Devreese of The Flemish Culture House (de Brakke Grond) and hosted by Ove Rishoj Jensen. It presented a diverse collection of speakers who demonstrated the range of activity on the frontier of interactive documentary: from the launch of a… Read more »

IDFA 2012: Documentary as an Event Born by Accident

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) celebrated its 25th edition with an unforgettable program. John Appel’s Wrong Time Wrong Place, a film about the finality of existence and the force of coincidence set against the backdrop of the Utoya Island tragedy in Norway, was screened on opening night and later in 25 different cinemas… Read more »