Author: Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness is a Boston based filmmaker. She produces, writes and directs both fiction and documentary films. Born and raised in Paris, she has a special interest in cross-cultural projects and character driven stories, as well as a passion for fantasy, adventure and science fiction films. Marie graduated from La Sorbonne in Theater studies and from UCLA professional screenwriting program.

Articles Written by Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness:

New Doc about Charter Schools Exposes Insidious Effects on Education Equity

Backpack Full of Cash goes deep into the scheme of charter schools in America to demonstrate its disastrous impact on public education today. Director and Producer Sarah Mondale highlights three public schools (in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Nashville) over the 2013-14 academic year, documenting the struggles faculty and students face as charter schools develop nearby… Read more »