Author: Ziyad Saadi

Ziyad Saadi has worked primarily as a freelance film producer and writer, having delved into a broad range of roles. Starting his career off in marketing & distribution at ID Communications in Montreal, Ziyad later moved to NYC where several of his produced and written works went on to screen at various festivals across the country. His experience in the entertainment industry extends further with a background in talent management, TV development and film journalism as a contributing writer for online magazine Indiewire. He has also just finished the post-production phase of the feature-length narrative film BAG BOY LOVER BOY, which will now be heading for the festival circuit.

Articles Written by Ziyad Saadi:

Picture Motion Mobilizes Indie Film Audiences to Take Action

With the digital age of cinema now pushing the boundaries of film distribution, the possibilities with which filmmakers have been presented are growing exponentially. The ability to both reach and engage an audience in one’s cinematic work has therefore paved the way for important social issues that may otherwise go unnoticed to finally be discovered,… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014: Liss LaFleur

As seen in her latest film One Way Home, Liss LaFleur’s filmmaking comes in the form of new media, with her background in photography, art history, and cinema all working together to create a powerful filmic experience. LaFleur has made a name for herself, having won a number of accolades throughout her emerging career, and… Read more »