10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2017: Peter Nicks


Peter Nicks is on our 10 filmmaker to watch list in 2017 for his film, The Force, a cinema vérité look into the Oakland Police Department from 2014-2016. Nicks had hoped to capture the department emerging out from federal oversight, only to document another scandal. The film is part of a thematic trilogy about institutions and communities in Oakland, California.

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Lucie Guest


Lucie Guest is on our 10 to watch for her work as an actress, writer, and director in her award-winning short film, Never Better, about a loveable loser and the search for closer at the end of a relationship.

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Fawzia Mirza


Fawzia Mirza makes our 10 Filmmakers to Watch list for 2017 with her film Signature Move, a feature that she co-wrote, produced, and stars in, which premiered at SXSW. The film tells the story of a Muslim lesbian in a new relationship, her Lucha-style wrestling, and the pressures of her conservative live-in mother. It is a romantic comedy.