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10 Filmmakers to Watch 2017: Call for Nominations


Now in its ninth year, The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers to Watch highlights filmmakers and mediamakers—directors, producers, digital media makers, animators, and others—whose upcoming work we think puts them at the forefront of the independent media scene. Submit your nominations by March 15, 2016. (It’s free to submit).

A still from The Faithful

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Annie Berman


Director/Producer Annie Berman makes The Independent’s 10 to Watch list for her feature-length essay film, The Faithful, a fifteen-year journey through the world of images and representations of three global icons: Elvis Presley, Pope John Paul II, and Princess Diana.

Devon Slack, the lead actress and stuntwoman of Yankee, in action. Photo by Yan Lecomte.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016: Sophie-Anne Beaudry & Stéphan Beaudoin


Collaborators in life and work, the husband/wife team of Stéphan Beaudoin and Sophie-Anne Beaudry join The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016 for their upcoming feature Yankee, which explores the idea of a woman entering traditionally male-dominated domains of violence. Here, they talk about Yankee, self-financing a film, and shooting on location.


A still from The Peacemaker

10 Filmmakers to Watch: James Demo


The world never seems to lack from an interminable violent conflict, where the level of barbarism wears down the most optimistic soul; where tragedy and suffering appears inevitable and a sense of human agency is lost. Peace processes break down and even the most determined interventionist throws up their hands in defeat. All of which… Read more »

CM BoTD Screenshot Ants interactive

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Complex Movements


At the intersection of community organizing, design, hip-hop, electronic music, architecture, film, and theater, Complex Movement’s latest project Beware of The Dandelions is a science fiction parable in which the audience plays the role of post-apocalyptic survivors and unlocks the untold stories of their community. This talented group of artists joins The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016 for their immersive visual and sound experience that incorporates science-fiction, projections, songs, and interactive game elements.

A still from Best and Most Beautiful Things

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Garrett Zevgetis


Garrett Zevgetis makes our 10 to watch list with his documentary, Best and Most Beautiful Things, a portrait of a young woman’s journey to assert her identity and find her purpose outside of her disability. The film premiered at this year’s South by Southwest.

Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney from The Katering Show

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Kate McCartney & Kate McLennan


Julia Child may have been pioneered cooking show humor, but co-creators and co-performers Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan have taken cooking hilarity to the brilliant level it deserves with their series The Katering Show, chronicling the journey of an “intolerable foodie” and her anti-foodie food intolerant “friend.” Hence, they join The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016.

DP Joel Hodge with AC Diesel Pfingsten. Photo by: Scott Hart

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016: Joel Hodge & Evan Glodell


In 2011, Evan Glodell and Joel Hodge partnered up to make the film Bellflower, with Glodell writing, directing and acting, and Hodge working as DP. With a budget of about $17,000, the film became acclaimed for its stunning action-packed cinematography, resulting from their own hand-made camera built exclusively for the film. Now, Glodell and Hodge make The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers to Watch list for their upcoming feature Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins.


10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016: Damon Davis and Sabaah Folayan


Whose Streets, a documentary from filmmakers Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis currently in post-production, chronicles the lives of activists in Ferguson, Missouri and the surrounding St. Louis area following the controversial killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014. Folayan and Davis focus on the aftermath of the incident and the evolving social movement surrounding it. Their hope is to bring awareness and clarity to this racially-charged, constantly unfolding narrative. The directing duo make our 10 filmmakers to watch list for 2016.

Taro's World Concept in Charcoal by Milan Koerner-Safrata

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2016: Paisley Smith


Paisley Smith first found her niche in Virtual Reality working with the “Godmother of VR” Nonny de la Peña and the Emblematic Group. Smith now makes The Independent’s 10 to Watch list for her most recent project, an animated Virtual Reality documentary Taro’s World based on the story of Taro, an exchange student from Japan who lived with Smith and her family for his teenage years, but at age 17, took his own life.