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A still from Joquin Baldwin's animated short, "Sebastian's Voodoo", nominated for a 2008 Annie Award.

10 Filmmakers to Watch In 2009


From first-time directors to Fulbright Scholars and Oscar nominees these filmmakers should not be missed in 2009. With a flood of suggestions from peers, film scholars, critics and organizations such as the Sundance Institute and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, The Independent has compiled a list of “10 filmmakers to watch” with films slated… Read more »

The Digital Media Academy's Documentary Filmmaking Camp has programs for adults, kids and teens (pictured).

The 10 Best Academic Programs for Documentary Filmmakers


These days, it’s fairly easy to find an excellent place to learn how to make narrative films. Ten Best lists exist by the fistful, and a Google search of “learn filmmaking” returns more than 30,000 hits. But what about those students who want to learn how to make documentaries? Although many of the best programs… Read more »