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Review: What Is Love?


Ryan Engley reviews the 2018 short “What Is Love?” by NYU Student Filmmaker Elle Rinaldi. The film scholar and critic praises Rinaldi’s complex treatment of love in the experimental, short form.


And that, I think, is what makes Elle Rinaldi’s What Is Love? so strong: it both advances its own argument about love—that a full conception of love needs to be built from pieces—and, by being composed through still shots and fragments of photographs, gives space for viewers to fill in their own answers to the questions that drive the documentary.

How to Shoot Your Film on 35mm and Not Break the Bank


New York filmmaker Ben Garchar writes in insightful and instructive detail of his filmmaking process on the new short Jake. Ben shot over twenty percent of this deeply emotional movie on 35mm film, a decision that had big payoffs. Jake featured at Filmmakers NY and Video Revival in Brooklyn; the film was shot entirely in Berlin, where its lead actor, Kellen York, resides.

On Art and Healing


The Independent’s editor speaks with Ricardo Bouyett, filmmaker, writer, and photographer of the new short No Love For Fuckboys. The film, which won “Best Experimental Short” at the Short To The Point International Film Festival, is an exploration—at once personal and more broadly social—of the intricacies of navigating dating, friendship, love, and desire after the trauma of sexual assault.

Daniel Lombroso: Profile of a D.C. Filmmaker


Mike Sullivan profiles Washington D.C. Filmmaker Daniel Lombroso on his path toward becoming a documentarian. Lombroso recounts the making of several documentaries including 2014’s Mountain of Servants and his most recent film, Church Militant: A Right Wing Empire in the Making. Lombroso is an Associate Video Producer for Atlantic Studios, the video division of The Atlantic magazine.

How To Utilize A Painful Past in Creating a Successful Film


Screenwriter Mark Renshaw discusses his personal investment and creative process in the  2016 award-winning short drama Surrender, directed by Christopher Carson Emmons. The film centers on the inner life of a struggling alcoholic, played by Aram Hekinian. Surrender is Renshaw’s second film.

10 Filmmakers to Watch: Lucie Guest


Lucie Guest is on our 10 to watch for her work as an actress, writer, and director in her award-winning short film, Never Better, about a loveable loser and the search for closer at the end of a relationship.


All for One, One for All: Laps


Three filmmaking musketeers, writer-director Charlotte “Charlie” Wells, producer Joy Jorgensen, and editor Blair McClendon, enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, put their heads together to create the short film Laps. It premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Tribeca 2015: Critic’s Choice


Senior critic Kurt Brokaw commends Tribeca’s Sharon Badal on her “peerless curating” in his annual selection of festival favorites. From the buzzy The Wolfpack to the under-the-radar shorts such as Big Boy selected by Badal, this year’s picks thus far include dramatized dance, rock legends (but not conspiracy theories), and under-helicoptered children.