The Independent offers a targeted and effective way to reach independent film industry professionals. With thousands of online readers worldwide, your ad connects you directly to the global independent filmmaking movement.

Advertiser Benefits

  • Return on Investment: Real-time statistics are available including daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time views & clicks.
  • Targeted Audience: Reach the 13,500+ loyal subscriber base of The Independent plus the growing global readership of working filmmakers, industry professionals, and film students. You can also target readers by topics and regions.
  • Consistent Exposure: Advertisers can choose online ads, to appear on every page or alongside stories the advertiser selects, or the sole banner ad in our email newsletter, sent to 13,500 subscribers approximately twice per month.
  • Discount for Commitment: Advertisers who opt for long-term ads or return advertisers can expect our best rates.
  • A Worthy Cause: Independent Media Publications is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


  • Web Traffic: Approximately 20,000 page views and 15,000 visitors per month; 250,00 page views and 125,000 visitors per year, and growing every day.
  • Readers and Subscribers: Over 13,500 email subscribers.
  • Fans and Followers: Over 3,500 Facebook fans and 3,400 Twitter followers.
  • Trends: Our most popular story topics are documentary, distribution, fundraising, and film festivals.
  • Mindset: Active media professionals committed to the art and independence of film & video.

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