Our Advertisers

More than half of The Independent readers respond to ads.

86% of readers are the primary decision makers for new purchases.

75% consider the magazine’s adverstisers an important resource

Some quotes from past advertisers in the print Independent.

“As an advertiser for a number of years, I’d like to say that The Indpendent is always near the top of my list when I’m putting together my annual advertising budget. It’s the best way I know to reach the independent film and video community.”
Patrick Montgomery, president, Archive Films/Acrchive Photos

“If Premiere and Movieline are the Mercedes and Cadillac, The Independent is the 4-wheel drive for filmmakers.”
Dov S-S Simens, founder, Hollywood Film Institute

“Over the years we have found that The Independent is consistently the single most effective voice for getting the word out about our festival to serious and innovative filmmakers nationwide.”
Michael Catalano, director, Sinking Creek Film and Video Festival

“Allied has been very pleased with the results from our lab advertising. The Independent represents the niche we serve and has connected us with independent filmmakers!”
Drew Mayer-Oakes, sales executive, Allied Digital Technologies

“We have found that serious filmmakers turn to The Independent for news and guidance. Our ads over the years have introduced us to some of the indie greats. A good percentage of our inquiry calls are directors and producers who have learned about us from The Independent. ”
Wendy Corn, director, media relations, GLC Productions