Our Readers

The audience of The Independent captures independent artists and media-makers, as opposed to fans of film. A 2004 survey of AIVF members found that 86% of the respondents had been making media for more than five years. A year later, another survey found that nearly 90% ofIndependent readers had distributed or exhibited five or more works in their careers. Attesting to the value of the publication to its readers, more than 17% of respondents replied that they saved every single issue of The Independent.

The Independent was the only film magazine around that still remembered what independent really means, unlike [other publications], which basically glorify Hollywood-style filmmaking on a lower budget, rather than truly innovative film as an art form.” – Rebecca Alvin, filmmaker

“The reason I feel The Independent was a superior magazine to the other ‘indie’ film publications is that your articles were inspiring to true independent filmmakers and were written by people with real experience in the field…your magazine connects with the people living and making film. Please continue The Independent! There’s is nothing else out there that compares!” – Sarah Fulton, filmmaker

Other quotes from subscribers about the site relaunch:

“After decades of reading and being inspired by The Independent, I was distraught when AIVF had to close up shop. I’m therefore elated to know you’re resurrecting this magazine on-line.”

“Thanks so much. And congrats. We are an international community that needs The Independent as our meeting place.”

“I have missed The Independent. I rarely read more than an article or two on-line, but I read the whole issue and sent the link to our Documentary Working Group at UFVA. I look forward to the next issue and to a return to print.”

“I am SO GLAD you are back. I literally wept when I received the last magazine in the summer of last year.”

The Independent is amazing!!! Congratulations! I really like the aesthetics of the site and the breadth of information and articles.”

“It’s great to see The Independent back, and I love the paperless version.”

“Excellent news.”

“Wow, congratulations! This is both lovely and useful! I very much appreciate the links to blogs; I always need new ideas there. More, more! I’ll be telling my students today about this.”

“Congratulations on the return!”

“This is such exciting news. Congratulations and welcome back.”

“It’s awesome that this magazine is back! Thank you for keeping me posted. I’m excited….”