Letter from the Board

In the March issue of The Independent, we reported that AIVF faced a financial crisis and an uncertain future. As of this writing (June 2, 2006), AIVF is in the process of closing down operations and vacating its office space. At the same time, long-term supporters in the independent community are organizing later this month (June) to assess whether a core group of champions can take over hands-on management of The Independent while also reinventing and relaunching AIVF as a membership organization with a renewed emphasis on advocacy.

Whether or not AIVF is ultimately able to continue as an organization, we are hopeful that The Independent will continue as an information resource and voice for the independent community. While long-term supporters are regrouping to assess whether the magazine can be taken on under AIVF auspices, AIVF’s transitional board has also
been exploring the option of having a like-minded successor organization take over publication. With the assistance of a consultant with expertise in small press
magazine publishing, we have created financial models and initiated conversations
with a handful of interested independent media groups. Chief among our concerns with any potential successor organization is a commitment to The Independent’s core values: advocacy to promote and protect diverse independent voices, information exchange and community support for independents, and excellence in the art and craft of independent media making.

We extend our thanks to all those who contributed to AIVF’s recent emergency
fundraising appeal. Although we did not reach the short-term fundraising targets that would have enabled us to reenvision and transform AIVF operations, your contributions are supporting the possible continuation of the Independent in print and online. In
addition, thanks to the dedicated work of our interim executive director, we have rectified AIVF’s past financial management problems and the organization is now up to date with IRS tax filings. Without this time consuming and unglamorous work, we would not have the option of perpetuating The Independent, or holding open the possibility that a hands-on group of supporters will be able rebuild the organization.

We also extend our gratitude to the AIVF staff and board—past and present—and everyone who contributed to this special legacy issue highlighting some of the important stories, voices, and moments in independent filmmaking since AIVF was founded.
–AIVF Board of Directors June 2, 2006