Interview:  Chinese Students Studying Film in the United States


China’s film industry is undergoing a recent transformation to a more multicultural “Hollywood” model under the inevitable trend of globalization. In response to the growing demand for cultural diversity, more Chinese students are choosing to study film overseas to become film professionals familiar with both cultures. We invited two international students from China to share… Read more »

Talia Lugacy and Rosario Dawson in Conversation


Filmmakers Talia Lugacy and Rosario Dawson have been collaborators and friends for nearly twenty years. From their time as students at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute to their most recent collaboration on “This Is Not a War Story,” the two share a singular creative bond that goes beyond the realm of film-making and… Read more »

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Making Dreams Real


Ziqi Wang talks with filmmakers Pierre “Pyaré” Friquet an Ando Shah about their virtual reality projects and how their films create immersive storytelling.

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Interviews: Laura Sánchez on bringing light from the darkness


In 2020, Cambridge-based independent flamenco dancer, artist, educator, and now independent filmmaker Laura Sánchez created her first short film, After Dark. In six minutes, the experimental short combines her personal background with her experience during quarantine as a new mother, woman, and immigrant to tell her story. It incorporates elements of flamenco, poetry, visual art,… Read more »