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New York African Film Festival Looks Towards Visions of Freedom

Film at Lincoln Center  and African Film Festival, Inc. will celebrate the 29th New York African Film Festival (NYAFF) at FLC from May 12 to 17 in FLC theaters and select virtual screenings. The films reflect the theme of “Visions of Freedom” and presen diverse and interconnected notions of freedom pertinent to Africa, the diaspora,… Read more »

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” Puts Immigrants in the Center of the Multiverse

Contrary to what Marvel Studios will have you believe, the multiverse belongs to first-generation immigrants. The culmination of a person’s entire life can boil down to a single choice. A central decision that branched off into hundreds more, carving out a wholly unique path. One path out of an infinite number of possibilities. 

The Claridge Theater Opens Its Doors For The 11th Annual Montclair Film Festival

The Montclair Film Festival (MFF) connects global filmmakers with audiences in a diverse, culturally vibrant community. For the past 10 years, MFF has been presenting films and organizing year-round programs that engage, entertain and educate through the power of visual storytelling. This October 21-30, 2022, the 11th annual Montclair Film Festival will entertain film lovers… Read more »

Student Filmmaker Aidan Champeau is Creating His Own Genre of Film

It seems that in recent years, movies have been coming out that have essentially already been made. The themes and genres throughout the film industry have become tiresome due to the repetitive nature of film production. Everyone seems to want to make the next Marvel movie, or the next Godfather, but Aidan Champeau just wants… Read more »

“Clean” is a modern homage to “Taxi Driver”.

At a first glance, the “Clean” trailer was everything you could want from an independent action film. Adrien Brody stars as a hitman-turned-garbageman who goes from stacking trash to stacking bodies after a run-in with the mafia puts a target on his back and innocent people in danger. Brody, who co-wrote the film, said in… Read more »

Emerson College Students’ Film Got Into Boston International Film Festival

From April 14 to 20, the 20th Boston International Film Festival took place at Down Boston with a live, in-person method. In the fourth screening session of the BIFF, a film written, directed, and produced by Emerson College students met with audiences in the AMC theater. “Doll-Kind” is a 13-min film directed by Shuailiang Liu,… Read more »

“The Lobster”: When the Sin of Being Single Is Unforgivable

 Dystopian films are no doubt a popular genre, especially among young adults. From “The Hunger Games” which reflects the animalistic tendencies of teenagers to “Divergent” which emphasizes their rebellious nature,  dystopian films tend to be similar to one another. “The Lobster,” however, includes elements of dark comedy and science fiction, bringing something new to the… Read more »

“Fresh” Bites off More than it Can Chew

“I love hot sauce. I literally just put it on every single thing I can find.” Anyone familiar with the messy world of online dating has heard this before, and “Fresh” knows it. Its opening scene features two strangers, a man and a woman, meeting for the first time over dinner. The woman, Noa, picks… Read more »