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Photos of Black slaves in America and Jews in Nazi Germany

The New York Jewish Film Festival Jan. 13-26

Sure, it was sorely disappointing not to view the 24 narrative dramas, documentaries and shorts up on the big screens at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater. That’s where NYJFF, co-sponsored by The Jewish Museum and Film at Lincoln Center, shows its annual festivals. But the real loss for this viewer—an irreplaceable loss—came in not being… Read more »

A pilgrim and a woman witha turkey on her head.

Thanksgiving Episodes to Feast on

While many shows have put out all the stops for various holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, there are a few shows who have ventured into the land of the Thanksgiving episode or episodes. From classic laughs to slaying spirits, to fighting families and one’s sexual identity this list will give you all the feelings… Read more »

Baseball players listen to their coach.

Clipping the Wires Off the Sapling in Ema Ryan Yamazaki’s Koshien: Japan’s Field of Dreams

“Dedicate every moment of your life towards the team’s victory.” 129 teenage boys sit huddled closely together, the air thick with silent anticipation—like a pack of wolves awaiting their alpha’s next command. They hang on each and every word that comes out of head-coach Tetsuya Mizutani’s spirited rallying cry. He is the operator in chief… Read more »

China’s Golden Week Holiday Offered Viewers a Reason to Return to the Cinema

As China gains control over the Coronavirus and some aspects of life return to normal, the country celebrated a rare double-holiday when the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which is set based on the lunar calendar, coincided with this year’s National Day on Oct. 1. This elongated the national holiday known as Golden Week and it was… Read more »

Banner for Philly Film Fest

Black Bear, Ammonite, Enemies of the State, and some Halloween Schlock at the 29th Philadelphia Film Festival

The Philadelphia Film Festival launched its virtual and drive-in screenings on Oct. 23, but there’s still time to catch some of the 69 films before the festival closes with Sonia Kennebec’s documentary, Enemies of the State, on November 2. Following the precedent set by several other festivals, the Philadelphia Film Society adopted the hybrid strategy… Read more »

Wisconsin Democrats present the Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical Livestream

The 2020 Presidential Election: Are you shivering with antici….pation?

Tim Curry and the Wisconsin Democrats will put their hands on their hips and do the time warp again this Halloween… well, kind of. In honor of the two spookiest days of 2020 (Halloween and Election Day), Curry and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will be hosting an online fundraising campaign honoring Rocky Horror Picture… Read more »