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“Herself” Showcases the Realities of Domestic Violence

Directed by Phyllida Lloyd and starring Clare Dunne, Harriet Walter and Conleth Hill, the film “Herself” documents a mother of two children escaping an abusive living situation in order to create a healthier environment for herself and her loved ones. The film had a limited theatrical release on December 30, 2020 and was released on… Read more »

No Ghost Land: Chinese Horror Growing Under Strict Censorship

Xinyan Fu dives into the Chinese horror movie history and the ideology behind the censorship that targets horror movies.

Boston Asian American Film Festival

New England’s largest Asian American film festival kicks off its five-day screening sessions on October 20. The 13th Boston Asian American Film Festival (BAAFF) is completely virtual this year and allows its audience to view the movies within a designated viewing window from October 20 to October 24.

Graphic for BLAA screening at Coolidge Corner Theatre that shows tick stubs with the date information

Boston LGBTQIA Arts Alliance Hosts Queer Time-Based Screening

Boston LGBTQIA Artists Alliance (BLAA) has teamed up with the Coolidge Corner Theatre to present a screening of queer time-based media this year.

The cow for the movie, "Cows"

American Honey Celebrated its Fourth Anniversary

On September 30 (October 14 for the UK), “American Honey” celebrated its fourth anniversary in the US. As the writer and director of the movie, Andrea Arnold was able to fully submerge the audience into the movie by filming it entirely using handheld cameras.

Julia Ducournau Wins Palme d'Or for "Titane"

Palme d’Or Winner “Titane” is Now Playing in US Theaters

Julie Ducournau’s second feature film, “Titane,” hit theaters in the United States on October 1. Much anticipation surrounded the French thriller and body horror film after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in July, winning the festival’s top award: the Palme d’Or. As a director and writer known for her debut feature horror film… Read more »

All You Need is Love…

Courtney Gardner follows Fiona Dawson’s work on her new episodic series, Now With Fiona, an talks with Dawson about the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and the fight for transgender minors in Arkansas.