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Titane: Murder, Cars and Daddy Issues

“Titane” is a body-horror film through and through, but its commentary about sex and family is as central to the film as the gore.

Talia Lugacy and Rosario Dawson in Conversation

Filmmakers Talia Lugacy and Rosario Dawson have been collaborators and friends for nearly twenty years. From their time as students at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute to their most recent collaboration on “This Is Not a War Story,” the two share a singular creative bond that goes beyond the realm of film-making and… Read more »

Pacific Northwest Ballet Dance Film festival banner with dancers on the cover

Pacific Northwest Ballet Launches Dance Film Festival

In October, Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) announced the launch of the PNB Dance Film Festival, accepting submissions through December 15, 2021, for their March 18, 2022, virtual premiere.

From Indie to Blockbuster: the Evolution of “The Twilight Saga”

Morgan Holly analyzes how “the Twilight Saga” grew from a small budget to launching the over $3.3 billion worldwide grossing vampire franchise.

Interview: Arthur Jones and the Untold Story of Titanic

As we approach the shipwreck’s 110 year anniversary, Xinyan Fu interviews British filmmaker, Arthur Jones, on his discovery of the stories of the six passengers who disappeared after the Titanic and the creation of “The Six” documentary.

“Fuck the World!” and the Queer Anger of “The Living End”

Victoria Mallorga Hernandez reviews “The Living End,” which represents a rabid indictment of the Reagan and Bush administrations and their hand in the genocide of a generation of LGBTQ+ people, but through a language imbued with camp panache.

Despite What You Might Have Heard, “Last Night in Soho” Fell Short

MaryGrace Depp reviews “Last Night in Soho,” directed by Edgar Wright, following how the film gets lost in a tangle of plot holes and twists, leaving you with more questions than answers.