The Independent is Back!

The 30-year-old magazine devoted to independent media makers makes its online debut

Three Magazine Covers
Three Magazine Covers

As you may have heard, Independent Media Publications has come forward to take over the online and print publication of The Independent, formerly published by AIVF, the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers. The magazine has been a vital publication to the community of independent media-makers from its first publication in 1978 through July 2006. We believe there would have been a gap left with its absence.

So with time generously donated by board members, staff, writers, and interns and only $2,500 in cash, we launched this website featuring hundreds of past Independent articles, a comprehensive ‘learn’ section for new and working filmmakers, classified advertisements, personal online accounts, and more. In addition, we will have relaunched the monthly magazine online — so expect regular blogs, monthly interviews and features, as well as vlogs, books and more coming soon.

We encourage you to become an active participant in the new Independent — become a blogger, advertise on the site, or make a tax-deductible donation to the organization. Or just learn how this site is organized so you can get the most out of your time here. We hope you’ll become a frequent visitor!

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Michele Meek, PhD is a writer, filmmaker, educator, founder of, and a former publisher of The Independent. She published the books Independent Female Filmmakers: A Chronicle through Interviews, Profiles and Manifestos and The Mastermind Failure Club. For more information or to contact her, visit