‘The Blair Witch Project’ Revival: Perspectives from the Creators

Man with film camera
Joshua Leonard in “The Blair Witch Project” ©Artisan Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection

With the upcoming 25th anniversary of iconic found footage horror movie, “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), Lionsgate and Blumhouse have announced their collaboration on a revival. According to a press release from Lionsgate: Jason Blum, CEO of Blumhouse, will be working with producer of “Blair Witch” (2016) Roy Lee.

In his announcement, chairman of Lionsgate, Adam Fogelson, revealed this will be “the first film in a multi-picture pact with Blumhouse reimagining horror classics from the Lionsgate library.” The aim of these revivals is to introduce the films to a new generation of horror enthusiasts. 

Originally directed and edited by Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick in 1999 with a budget of $60,000, “The Blair Witch Project” went on to be a major hit in the box office. Actors Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams starred in this film as three film students shooting a documentary about a local legend in the forest. 

Three people staring at camera.
Actors Michael C. Williams, Heather Donahue, and Joshua Leonard from “The Blair Witch Project.” Courtesy of Joshua Leonard @ thejoshualeonard on Instagram

In light of the announcement of a second Blair Witch film being made, the original filmmakers and actors have issued a statement to Lionsgate asking for recognition and compensation. In this statement, the writers and producers acknowledge the roles of the original cast in the success of the movie and ask for retroactive payments that would have been allotted with proper representation through SAG-AFTRA. In their other two requests, they ask to have consultation in future Blair Witch projects, and the creation of a $60,000 “Blair Witch Grant” for aspiring filmmakers.