Author: Jason Guerrasio

Jason Guerrasio was a staff writer for The Independent.

Articles Written by Jason Guerrasio:

Women In Film Finishing Fund

What is the Woman In Film Finishing Fund? We are the philanthropic outreach arm of the Women in Film organization. We do a lot of outreach programs that are open to the general public, but specifically to the Women in Film general membership. The fund supports filmmakers who make thoughtful and provocative films by or… Read more »

Distributor FAQ: Newmarket Films

Why was Newmarket Films created? Will Tyler and Chris Ball [co-presidents of Newmarket Capitol Group] had produced and financed Memento. I met them when they had difficulty getting a successful deal to distribute the film. I came in, at that point, undertaking it as a one-off project and released Memento under the Newmarket Films banner…. Read more »

The Great Money Hunt

There are many ways to finance a film. In some cases, financiers want to get involved because the material has touched them in a certain way. Other times, they’re intrigued because they always wanted to work with the director or an actor. Then there are people with money and want to get into movies. The… Read more »