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1D's "This" is Sweet as a First Crush

I know what you’re thinking. One Direction, the Anglo-Irish boy band, is a joke—a corporate hoax cooked up by Simon Cowell and his X Factor henchman to extract money from gullible, lovesick girls and their luckless parents. Bet you also think that former firebrand Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) has gone over to the dark… Read more »

That's Classic – Bill Hader on 'Essential' Hollywood Films for the Whole Family

Talk to actor-writer Bill Hader for even a short while, and you quickly realize that the affably offbeat Saturday Night Live comedian is—as his castmate Andy Samberg once remarked of Michael Bolton—“a major cinephile.” It’s not just that Hader has seen a gazillion movies—independents and blockbusters, films foreign and domestic, arthouse and grindhouse. It’s that… Read more »

That’s Classic – Tanya Hamilton's Small Stories with Big Resonance

Writer-director Tanya Hamilton can draw a clear, straight line between her debut feature film, Night Catches Us—up for best first feature at Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards—and an earlier American classic: To Kill a Mockingbird, both Harper Lee’s 1960 Pulitzer Prize–winning novel and the 1962 film version starring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. When Hamilton first… Read more »

Struggle and Triumph for Haiti's Ciné Institute

On January 12th, Haiti’s only professional film school, Ciné Institute, lost its main building in the massive earthquake that devastated the Port-au-Prince region. But in the quake’s aftermath, Ciné Institute’s students and staff have found something just as substantial as bricks and mortar — namely, a profound story they are uniquely qualified to tell. Since… Read more »