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Now I Know: The Benefits of Buzz for ‘Black Sheep’

Now I Know is an ongoing series in which independent filmmakers share solutions to hurdles they’ve encountered while transforming an idea into an independent film. This includes all aspects of the transformation, including pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Here, filmmaker Reshel Shah Kapoor talks about what she learned about getting her work into festivals.


Actor Stephen Lang Shares How an Indie Project Led to a Hollywood Blockbuster

Acclaimed actor Stephen Lang’s impressive career moves easily between indies such as this fall’s hit horror film Don’t Breathe and big studio films such as Public Enemies and Tombstone. Here he tells how his most personal indie project led to his biggest studio movie and how the two remain intertwined to this day. 


From the Archives: An American Odyssey, Raúl Ruiz Launches ‘The Golden Boat’

Today, producer James Schamus’ Indignation plays in theaters, but back in 1990 he was working to bring the “best known unknown filmmaker” Raúl Ruiz to American cinema, on a smaller than small budget and an extraordinarily short window of opportunity. The result is The Golden Boat, a domestic film with a decidedly foreign feel.


Examining the ‘Ripple Effects’ of War through “My Father’s Vietnam”

Filmmaker Søren Sørensen recounts what prompted him to explore the Vietnam War’s impacts on his father, other veterans, and us all.

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Production Apps for Independent Filmmakers

Today, a host of platforms and mobile applications aim to broaden technology’s impact, offering support in the planning stages, as well as on set, in the hopes of saving the independent filmmaker time, simplifying efforts, and maximizing the results of those efforts.

Here, The Independent provides an overview of some of the leading planning software and apps for independent filmmakers.