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Around the fire at ITVFest (photo by George T. Marshall).

ITVFest 2015: A Dose of New Hollywood in Vermont

ITVFest’s executive director Philip Gilpin thinks the peaceful Vermont location adds an invaluable dimension to the festival focused on Internet entertainment. Plus, he said that when execs are shocked by the line-up because “what they’re seeing is better than what they are watching most nights on TV. A lot of these projects are screen ready.”

Yorgos Pirpassopoulos (left) and Efthymis Papadimitriou (right) in Athina Rachel Tsangari's "Chevalier."

NYFF 2015: Yorgos Pirpassopoulos Talks “Chevalier”

“The whole process from rehearsing to shooting was really fascinating, enjoyable, challenging and difficult,” Chevalier actor, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, told The Independent at NYFF 2015. They rehearsed on location and brought their own ideas on character and improvisation. “I had a feeling that everything could change at any moment and that added a lot to film,” he said.


NYFF 2015: Laszlo Nemes on Recreating Auschwitz

“Yes, it’s a portrait,” explains Laszlo Nemes about his debut feature Son of Saul. “It’s a very reduced scope of an image and it actually corresponds to the limitations of a human being: you see very little, you know very little in a concentration camp. And the human experience, with hindsight, is different but the people who were there knew much less. I wanted to convey how limited we could be in this kind of situation.”

tsangari athina-rachel

NYFF 2015: Filmmaker in Residence Athina Rachel Tsangari

In 2001, Athina Rachel Tsangari graced our cover. Fourteen years later, Dana Knight sat down with Tsangari, NYFF’s 2015 Filmmaker In Residence, at the Sarajevo Film Festival. Learn why men ask: “We’re not like that and who are you, a woman, judging us in this way?” about Tsangari’s latest film, Chevalier.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes "The Walk" not photographed when it actually happened. (Courtesy NYFF)

NYFF 2015: Critic’s Choice

Remember 2008’s spectacular doc-based-on-a-book Man On Wire? Now it’s fictionalized as The Walk and Kurt Brokaw LOVED it. Find out what else our senior critic adored at this year’s New York Film Festival, running September 25-October 11, 2015.