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Realism in the Modern Vampire Tale of Writer/Director Michael O’Shea

The Transfiguration, Michael O’Shea, 2017, U.S.A., 1 hr. 37 min. Milo (Eric Ruffin) is a small guy. Or maybe he isn’t; his body could be either a very tall twelve or a very short seventeen. This fact about The Transfiguration’s main character is left deliberately unclear by first-time writer/director Michael O’Shea. Whatever the case, he… Read more »

Protecting and Recovering Digital Footage

David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology, has helped many filmmakers resolve problems related to file corruption and data loss. In this informative “How To” piece, Zimmerman offers specific tips for preventing damage to storage cards and for protecting valuable footage.



On Art and Healing

The Independent’s editor speaks with Ricardo Bouyett, filmmaker, writer, and photographer of the new short No Love For Fuckboys. The film, which won “Best Experimental Short” at the Short To The Point International Film Festival, is an exploration—at once personal and more broadly social—of the intricacies of navigating dating, friendship, love, and desire after the trauma of sexual assault.

New Documentary Shines a Light on Brooklyn Teenager Miasia Clark

The Independent catches up with Yvonne Michelle Shirley, creator of the new documentary, Miasia: The Nature of Experience. The film, which featured at BlackStar Film Festival, chronicles the life of Brooklyn teenager Miasia Clark as she navigates her everyday world and prepares to present at the first ever Black Girl Movement National Conference. Miasia is joined in this effort by members of her activist group, Girls for Gender Equity.


Orphan Dreams from Swaziland

Mike Sullivan reviews Liyana, a new documentary directed by Aaron and Amanda Kopp (former 10-to-watch series winners!) The film, which employs stunning animation, tells the story of five orphaned children living and dreaming in Swaziland.  Liyana premiered at the LA Film Festival in June, where it won “Best Documentary.”