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Documentary Filmmaking: One Long Journey to the Boston Underground Film Festival

Mike Sullivan describes the years-long process filmmakers Jessica Barnthouse and Stacy Buchanan undertook in making their first feature documentary,  Something Wicked This Way Comes. The film featured at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival. A revised version of the doc, titled The Man in the Mask, will be showing at festivals later this year.

Chinese Producer Rachel Song Discusses Sundance Success

Farrah Kazemi speaks with Rachel Song, who in 2017 started the production company XS Media. The company stood behind two hits at the 2018 Sundance Festival—Silas Howard’s A Kid Like Jake and Christine Choe’s Nancy. Rachel shares about her experiences producing independent films and about her efforts to bring independent cinema to China.

The Global Screen: Isaac Rooks

In this first installment of The Global Screen essay series, Isaac Rooks writes about Shin Jeong-won’s gruesome farce, Chaw, which Rooks suggests offers more than the spectacle of a giant boar slaughtering drunken revelers at a karaoke celebration. In this essay, Rooks explores how Shin’s film utilizes practical and conceptual resources from around the world to address global audiences about common concerns.

Make-up As The Passport To Femininity

Lilla Puskás writes on three movies featured at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival’s Panorama section: Marilyn, Obscuro Barroco, and Tranny Fag (Bixa Travesty). In the essay, Lilla compares transgender representation through the protagonists of these related narratives.  Lilla shares her reflections of how these films tackle the complexity, diversity, and fluidity of transgender identity.

Ingrid: Documenting a Solitary Life

Farrah Kazemi interview Morrissa Maltz about her documentary Ingrid, which premiered at this year’s Slamdance Festival in Park City. The film chronicles the reclusive, strange, and fascinating life of Ingrid Gipson; it is a character study that also reveals Maltz’s talent for color, texture, design, and nuance.  Maltz shares with Farrah how she came to meet Ingrid, about securing funds for the film, and about her pending projects.