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Boxes of the print magazine line the floor of Zingerplatz Pictures' office.

Public Launch of The Independent’s Digitized Archive Open to All – October 30, 2014

Join The Independent and our archiving partner, UMass Amherst Libraries, for a celebration of the launch of our new website and digitized archive. Hosted by UMass Boston Film Series, the FREE evening includes a reception, screening of Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart, and panel discussion. Open to all. Starts at 6pm.


FNC 2014: Hybrid Filmmakers find Common Ground

Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinema (FNC) is a festival that doesn’t like to be put into neat and tidy boxes. This year’s boundary-blurring program includes everything from satirical mockumentaries to poetic documentaries that include reenacted scenes. Staff writer Patrick Pearce sat down with the directors of two narrative first features with non-fiction characteristics to chat… Read more »

Kit Gruelle (from their press kit)

Private Violence: An Insider’s Perspective

“Why didn’t you leave?”—the most common question asked of domestic violence victims—is fueling the recent cultural conversation spurred by multiple NFL incidents, most notably, Ray Rice’s videotaped assault of his then fiancée Janay Palmer. Beverly Gooden’s subsequent Twitter campaign #whyIstayed broadened the discussion to a world-wide audience. Prior to this, however, documentary filmmaker Cynthia Hill… Read more »

Cover from the program of the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival, shut down in August.

The 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival: Shutdown Report From China

Gen Carmel provides first-hand accounts from a filmmaker and programmer who tried to attend the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival, including a confrontational video between festivalgoers and plain clothes police, as well as the entire festival program.

\J.K. Simmons on left, Miles Teller on right.

New York Film Festival 2014 – Critic’s Choice

Kurt Brokaw returns to the New York Film Festival as our senior critic for the fifth consecutive year. No film is left behind as he chooses his favorites, with reviews starting now and coming in over the next week. The festival runs September 26th through October 12th.

Filmmaker Maya Washington Q&A for White Space.

10 Ways to Make Your Film or Festival Deaf-Friendly

Maya Washington learned a ton while touring festivals with her short, White Space. Because it features a main character who’s deaf, she offered to share her top 10 suggestions for making either a film, or a festival, friendlier to the Deaf Community.

LILTING - Pei-pei Cheng (L) and Ben Whishaw (R)

Inspired by Personal History, Hong Khaou Releases “Lilting” to US Audiences

In Hong Khaou’s Lilting, available on DVD and VOD September 29th, a mother grieves for her son by getting to know her son’s partner. Khaou told The Independent his debut feature came, “from a place that’s deeply personal, especially that of grief. I lost my dad when I was 12 and the character in the film loses her son. So I had to expose myself in a certain way writing this.”

"Heaven Knows What" is based on Arielle Holmes' life while addicted to heroin.

TIFF 2014: Safdie Bros Borrow From Life on NY Streets in “Heaven Knows What”

Heroin addiction and life on the New York streets take center stage in Josh and Benny Safdie’s latest, Heaven Knows What. The morning after their North American premiere at TIFF, they riff on the why and what of it all with the film’s star and inspirational scribe, Arielle Holmes.