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The Global Screen: An Essay Series on Contemporary World Cinema

The Independent announces The Global Screen, a series of bi-monthly essays written by film scholars and academics interested in engaging with our readership of filmmakers, directors, artists, and activists. The series is edited by Dr. Jayson Baker, Assistant Professor in Communications at Curry College. In this introduction, Dr. Baker provides a summary of the series and a context for its purpose at this time. Essays in The Global Screen will be published over the course of the year, beginning at the end of March.

Review: What Is Love?

Ryan Engley reviews the 2018 short “What Is Love?” by NYU Student Filmmaker Elle Rinaldi. The film scholar and critic praises Rinaldi’s complex treatment of love in the experimental, short form.


And that, I think, is what makes Elle Rinaldi’s What Is Love? so strong: it both advances its own argument about love—that a full conception of love needs to be built from pieces—and, by being composed through still shots and fragments of photographs, gives space for viewers to fill in their own answers to the questions that drive the documentary.

10 to Watch: 2018 Nominating Jury

For 10 years now The Independent has been tooting the horn for indie filmmakers everywhere with our annual 10 to Watch. Read on about how to help us in our 10 for 10 year by nominating a filmmaker. We want to hear the stories of characters who often hide in the shadows of cinema. We will post our list this spring.

An Evening with a True Artist

Werner Herzog’s 2016 documentary Into the Inferno recently screened to a packed crowd at The Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts. Herzog was there to accept the 2018 Coolidge Award and to participate in a Q&A. Mike Sullivan shares this appreciation of the filmmaker and highlights from the event.



Ophelia Cast Discuss the Hamlet Revamp

Farrah Kazemi interviews Director Claire McCarthy and Actors George MacKay and Tom Felton at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. The group was assembled for the premiere of Ophelia, a film that reimagines the life of Shakespeare’s tragic maiden in the classic play Hamlet.  Ophelia stars MacKay as Hamlet and Felton as Laertes. McCarthy directed the film, which is based in part on a novel by Lisa Klein.