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All-Female Production Company Offers Tips for Emerging Filmmakers

Gloria Muñoz of Pitch Her Productions shares industry tips for emerging female filmmakers. Muñoz and her production company has just released Keep Me Posted, a comedic web series written and directed by Hillary Nussbaum. The series, which stars Maya Deshmukh, Terra Mackintosh, and Kim Blanck offers an unforgiving look at social media, notably the complexities of balancing online personas with authentic, real-world intimacy.

How to Shoot Your Film on 35mm and Not Break the Bank

New York filmmaker Ben Garchar writes in insightful and instructive detail of his filmmaking process on the new short Jake. Ben shot over twenty percent of this deeply emotional movie on 35mm film, a decision that had big payoffs. Jake featured at Filmmakers NY and Video Revival in Brooklyn; the film was shot entirely in Berlin, where its lead actor, Kellen York, resides.

Off Course: An Interview with Filmmaker Adam Stern

Cerys Wilson interviews acclaimed Music Composer and Writer/Director, Adam Stern, on his new sci-fi short FTL.  The film, which stars Ty Olsson as NASA Astronaut Ethan Kane, has featured internationally at festivals in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.  Stern talks about the FTL’s pre-production, its stunning special effects, and plans for a feature length version of the film.

Realism in the Modern Vampire Tale of Writer/Director Michael O’Shea

The Transfiguration, Michael O’Shea, 2017, U.S.A., 1 hr. 37 min. Milo (Eric Ruffin) is a small guy. Or maybe he isn’t; his body could be either a very tall twelve or a very short seventeen. This fact about The Transfiguration’s main character is left deliberately unclear by first-time writer/director Michael O’Shea. Whatever the case, he… Read more »

Protecting and Recovering Digital Footage

David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology, has helped many filmmakers resolve problems related to file corruption and data loss. In this informative “How To” piece, Zimmerman offers specific tips for preventing damage to storage cards and for protecting valuable footage.