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A Love Triangle in Hell

After a post-screening Q&A session, Cabral, 28, spoke to Neil Kendricks about his risky modus operandi and tackling the challenging logistics of filming on location in the Najayo prison where approximately 70,000 prisoners are crammed into a facility built for 20,000 inmates. Sometimes, art can emerge from the most unlikely places.

Still from Moon in the 12th House

New York Jewish Film Festival 2017 – January 11-24

Senior Film Critic Kurt Brokaw picks favorites from the  26th annual fest co-presented by the Jewish Museum and the Film Society of Lincoln Center


John Cassavetes Talks Comedy, Life, and Reputation in Rare 1989 Interview

Before there was independent film, there was Cassavetes. In John Crittenden’s brooding cover photo to Gabriella Oldham’s 24 gathered interviews and solo statements from 1958 to 1985, he’s guarded, challenging, looking half-ready to give the interviewer a piece of his mind at any moment. Cassavetes died in 1989 at 60, having written and directed nine… Read more »


Top 10 Academic Programs for Aspiring Screenwriters

There are a growing number of options for schools that aspiring screenwriters may choose from to better fit their goals and needs. The nation’s top choices routinely offer small workshop-style classrooms, industry experience, and a working portfolio—as well as a diploma.


Back to the Feature: How (Some) Shorts Grow Long

Originally published in the January/February 2005 issue of The Independent, this article is also available in our archives. A long time ago, in a film school far, far away (from NYU), a young man with big dreams and a small bank account made a short film with a long title. His name was George. And… Read more »