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TIFF 2015: Frederick Wiseman on Thoughts at the Edge of His Brain

Fittingly, Frederick Wiseman attended the 40th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival with his 40th documentary, In Jackson Heights, about a diverse New York neighborhood in flux. The Independent  asks Wiseman to discuss the editing process, the communities he discovered in Jackson Heights, and the notion of screening all of his films in a continuous 100 hour stretch.

The Afghan Film Archive contains more than 8,000 hours of footage dating back to the early 1900's. (Courtesy Pietra Brettkelly)

TIFF 2015: Doc Breathes Life Into Afghan Film Archive

If cinema can function as a vehicle for a nation’s collective memory, Afghanistan only recently began to recollect itself. Pietra Brettkelly’s documentary, A Flickering Truth, mines the Afghan Film Archive for the nation’s cultural history and follows the team of people who are working to protect it and share it with the world.

Lizzie Velasquez (right) urges policy makers to get serious about anti-bullying.

Introducing the World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Lizzie Velasquez turned down interest from a lot of TV outlets and documentarians before agreeing to work with first-time director Sara Hirsh Bordo. Together they capture Velasquez’s inspiring story of personal triumph and anti-bullying political activism. A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story hits theaters and VOD on September 25, 2015.

Jason Segel gets serious as David Foster Wallace (pictured here with Jesse Eisenberg, left) in "The End of The Tour." (Photo courtesy BAMcinemaFest.

Three Must-See Summer Movies

Forget summer reading. (Or don’t. We love books over here, too!) Either way, add The End of The Tour, Queen of Earth, and Tangerine to your summer “watching” list.

Classic Films screening outdoors as part of EIFF 2015

Festival Diary: Edinburgh International Film Festival (Part Four)

I can scarcely believe that EIFF 2015 is behind us. No longer will I have the routine of looking at my carefully composed screening spreadsheet as my night ends, in order to plan the next morning’s viewing. Writing this article amidst the hubbub of excited conversation is the last time I will get to sit in Festival HQ for 2015, amongst creators and consumers of world class cinema. It has been wonderful to be involved in this celebration of what film can achieve.