Author: Enette Ngoei

Articles Written by Enette Ngoei:

Health Care Legislation: What’s The Hold Up?

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and the clock is ticking loudly for Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who wants a health care bill before the holidays. As the Democrats have desperately tried to accelerate the legislation’s passage this month, there have been two main speed bumps: abortion and the public option. And… Read more »

Health Care Reform: Getting Filmmakers Up to Speed

This past weekend, while Washington, D.C. area residents were out enjoying the first snowfall of the season, members of the United States Senate were on Capitol Hill debating the health care bill. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who is leading the charge, said he wants a health care bill by Christmas, USA Today reports…. Read more »

Exhibitor FAQ: Enzian Theater

For 25 years, Orlando area audiences have flocked to the Enzian Theater to enjoy independent films in a unique atmosphere. Instead of the usual stadium seating, the intimate Maitland, Florida art house cinema has four floors with tables for two and four. In its front section, gorgeous purple velvet captains’ chairs and couches with coffee… Read more »

Sustaining Big Projects through Small Gigs

A machine’s dial turns, and a white powder is added to a spinning beaker of water as a woman’s voice overhead talks about toothpaste and animal testing. It looks like a documentary you might find on PBS, but instead, it’s a commercial for Tom’s of Maine. Producer Gita Pullapilly and Director Aron Gaudet, of Dungby… Read more »