Author: Jennifer Owensby Sanza

Jennifer Owensby Sanza produced The Teachings of Jon with the funding support of Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the guidance of amazing mentors within PBS world along the way. The Teachings of Jon won the 2007 National Telly Award, becoming one of public television’s most popular documentaries. Currently at work on a sequel, Jennifer also consults with producers about all aspects of distribution on national public television. You can reach her at:

Articles Written by Jennifer Owensby Sanza:

Tips on Securing Broadcast on National Public Television

Getting my first documentary, The Teachings of Jon, broadcast nationally on public television felt like walking through a minefield, blindfolded. As a recipient of a completion funds grant from Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), I was fortunate to have the best mentors to guide me through the process. Now when I work with other filmmakers,… Read more »