Author: Joi R. Wheatley

Joi R. Wheatley, also known to many as Miss Joi, is a proud alumni of The Fashion Institute of Technology. She currently resides in a quaint area of New Jersey since “it’s quite, low key and diverse.” If Joi is not bartending at a hot spot in The Big Apple, than you can catch her writing for her notoriously witty blog, The Grind.

Articles Written by Joi R. Wheatley:

Tech Report: Technologies That Are Changing the Film World

It’s amazing how technology has evolved over the years. Here at The Independent, we dug deep to find the most ground-breaking technical tools that are helping the artists behind films fine-tune their craft and deliver their message in the most compelling manner to date. The Red One Manufactured by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company,… Read more »

How To Get a Hollywood Star for Your Independent Film

Sometimes you have to take 10 steps backward in order to move one giant step forward. That’s exactly what writer/director Shana Feste did with her directorial debut, The Greatest, a story that combines grief, pain, love and reveals the emotional suffering of a couple who tragically looses their teenage son in a car crash. The… Read more »