Author: Lynn Tryba

Lynn Tryba is a writer and an editor who lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in a number of national magazines, including Psychology Today and the Robb Report. Links to her work are compiled at

Articles Written by Lynn Tryba:

Case Study No. 3: "On Broadway"

On Broadway, a movie about a working-class Bostonian’s attempt to stage a play in the back of an Irish pub, has received such a good response from film festival audiences around the country that the producers decided to self-release the film in Boston last month. The film had more star power than the average indie… Read more »

Case Study No. 2: "Buddy"

Cherry Arnold didn’t know what she was in for when she started filming Buddy: The Rise and Fall of America’s Most Notorious Mayor. “If I had known all the work involved…,” Arnold says. “Pure ignorance kept me going. I underestimated by months at a time how long each step would take.” The award-winning documentary —… Read more »

Case Study No. 1: "The Sensation of Sight"

It’s no wonder Buzz McLaughlin feels some pride and relief. His New Hampshire-based film production company, Either/Or Films, just signed a distribution deal for its first movie, The Sensation of Sight, during the last week of March. It’s been four years since fundraising for the film began and more than four months since the company… Read more »

Adventures in Self Distribution: Three Case Studies

Long after they wrap their films, independent filmmakers struggle to get their projects seen by as many people as possible. A distribution deal with a mainstream distribution company is, of course, the Holy Grail. And in the quest for a deal, a filmmaker’s family ties will often get strained, their bank accounts will dwindle, and… Read more »

Take a Trip, Make a Film: A Look at Study-Abroad Programs

When it comes to taking filmmaking classes abroad, the question is not so much “Why?” as it is, “Why not?” As anyone with a passion knows, procrastination and perfectionism are barriers to creativity, and they can become all the more pernicious when you’re stuck in an unchanging daily routine. You tell yourself that some day… Read more »