Author: Paul Plett

Paul Plett

Paul Plett studied at the Toronto Film School, and has spent the last 10 years developing a reputation as a maverick filmmaker in the festival circuit. His passion is to tell stories that explore the human condition, wherever that may lead him or his viewers. His independent films have won him acclaim around the world, having been officially selected by the Los Angeles International Children’s Festival, the Toronto Independent Film Festival, the Global Peace Film Festival, the Victoria Independent Film Festival, and the Canadian International Film Festival.

Articles Written by Paul Plett:

How to Build a Sci-Fi Universe Without Breaking the Bank

Making any movie is difficult, but many of the issues you face are compounded when trying to make a science fiction film. From costumes to props to sets and locations, every aspect of your film has to contribute to the world you are trying to build, and this often seems like a daunting task when… Read more »