Author: Rufus Chaffee

Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and raised on the North Shore of Boston, Rufus Chaffee just recently completed his feature film debut as writer/director/producer of Divine Intervention. Chaffee has been making short films and videos since the age of eight, graduated from Emerson College in 1999 with a degree in Film and Video Production, and cites Alfred Hitchcock, the Coen Brothers, Michael Mann, and Quentin Tarantino among his many influences. Chaffee has countless scripts in different stages of completion and plans to soon go into production on his second film in 2008.

Articles Written by Rufus Chaffee:

The Writer's Strike: A Screenplay, Part II

RUPERT GOLD AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR WGA STRIKE an original scene by Rufus Chaffee FADE IN: INTERIOR GOLD PRODUCTIONS EXECUTIVE OFFICE — DAY The office is expensive and ornate. Incense dishes sit over small flames, pictures of various stars through the years decorate the walls, all with the same man posing next to the star…. Read more »