Author: Sarah Coleman

Sarah Coleman writes about photography, film and books for numerous publications, and blogs about photography and literature at She is currently finishing a novel about the early days of documentary photography.

Articles Written by Sarah Coleman:

Finding the “Mystery Woman” of Street Photography

Vivian Maier never wanted to be famous. Working as a nanny in 1950s Chicago, Maier always locked her bedroom door and insisted her employers never enter her space. Though she didn’t hesitate to stick a camera into other people’s faces, she disliked giving people her name and referred to herself as “the mystery woman.” If… Read more »

Shaking the Tree

Five years ago, when Deepa Mehta was about to start making her film Water in the holy city of Varanasi, India, 11 people stood outside the set and threatened to light themselves on fire. Weeks before, protesters had stormed the film’s set on the banks of the river Ganges and destroyed it, causing hundreds of… Read more »