Author: Thomas Britt

Thomas Britt is an Associate Professor in the Film and Video Studies Program at George Mason University. He oversees the screenwriting concentration and teaches several classes, including Global Horror Film and the Ethics of Film and Video. His documentary filmmaking credits include Lost in Winesburg, Unpredictable and the documentary strand of MSI: The Anatomy of Integers and Permutations. Recent publications include “The Tree Before the Branches: Virtue and Rebellion in Contemporary Science Fiction,” from Science Fiction and The Abolition of Man: Finding C. S. Lewis in Sci-Fi Film and “Toward a Single Solution: Terrence Malick and Violence in the World,” which appeared in Intégrité. He writes for PopMatters.

Articles Written by Thomas Britt:

The Global Screen: Thomas Britt

Jonas Cuarón’s Desierto (2015) is a Mexican-French production with dialogue in both Spanish and English. The film’s premise and themes include border disputes, contested spaces, and dispossession, featuring characters who feel as though their land is no longer under their control. Desierto was Mexico’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards… Read more »