Author: Wanda Bershen

Wanda Bershen has been curating film, video and televison for festivals and museums for many years. She has taught at Rutgers, NYU, Temple U, Yale and Cuny/Baruch. She has written about film, books, and art for American History Review, American Quarterly, Documentary Magazine, Artforum, and Film Quarterly.

Articles Written by Wanda Bershen:


Unearthing Filmmaker Marc Karlin, an Oft-Overlooked Pioneer of Documentary Film

The sets and dioramas that populate Karlin’s films borrow from a dramatic tradition, stretching from Punch and Judy to German Expressionism. His films are literary, with chapters, text and references to Milton and Blake; they contain narrators who problematise authorship, refracting the story through multiple perspectives. But above all, Karlin’s work is cinematic. He was… Read more »