Film Festivals: On2.com

“We are basically creating an environment where a user can build their own television show,” explains On2.com’s Joel Roodman. A former executive at Miramax who also headed Gotham Entertainment, Roodman states, “Everybody believes that broadband is the future; [our] sole focus is on the broadband consumer.”

On2.com is starting with content about movies, including film trailers and shows that highlight films and filmmakers. “We’ll be taking existing content and wrapping original content around it,” says Roodman. Plans include offering outtakes from documentaries and a heavy festival focus, where they will follow participants and build shows related to the event.

“The challenge is to make sure that broadband is in as many homes as possible,” says Roodman. “It is a great opportunity for video- rich content.”

Expected launch:

November 1999

Plug-ins required:

None required with On2.com’s free proprietary codec software

Audience: Not launched at press time.

Contact: 375 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013; (212) 941-2400; fax: 941-3853; info@on2.com

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