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Point of No Return: On-line Film Festivals, Showcases & Distributors

The Bit Screen Launched: July 1998 Plug-ins required: RealPlayer Audience (per month): 100,000 page views, download totals unavailable. Contact: Druid Media, Box 343, Narberth, PA 19072; (610) 664-6945; info@druidmedia .com "It’s really not about distributing films over the Internet," says Bit Screen creator Nora Barry. "To me, it’s a completely new art form." On-line… Read more »

Film Festivals: The Bit Screen

“It’s really not about distributing films over the Internet,” says Bit Screen creator Nora Barry. “To me, it’s a completely new art form.” On-line in the summer of 1998, more than six months before other Internet distributors, The Bit Screen got a big shot in the arm after a New York Times profile last January…. Read more »

Film Festivals: iFilm Network

“If the consumer thinks ‘films’, we want them to come to iFilm as their first point of entry,” says iFilm founder Rodger Raderman. “We see ourselves as the portal, the first stop on the web for all things film-related.” With that goal in mind, Raderman is taking the industry by storm. This summer he poached… Read more »

Film Festivals: AtomFilms

“Shorts are cool and we want to make them a viable part of the entertainment spectrum,” says Mika Salmi, founder and CEO of To that end, AtomFilms is not only webcasting shorts, but acting as a sales agent and making deals with airlines, cable networks, and other websites for the few hundred short films… Read more »

Film Festivals: Always Independent Films

“We accept all formats,” explained Always Independent Films (AIF) president Gary Zeidenstein. “We do have a screening process, [but] as long as it’s not the backyard homemade movie, we’re going to post it on the site.” In its first few months AIF received some 300 entries and about 50 were rejected. Based in Ohio, AIF… Read more »

Film Festivals:

“We are basically creating an environment where a user can build their own television show,” explains’s Joel Roodman. A former executive at Miramax who also headed Gotham Entertainment, Roodman states, “Everybody believes that broadband is the future; [our] sole focus is on the broadband consumer.” is starting with content about movies, including film… Read more »

Film Festivals: MediaTrip

Announced this summer with a full-page ad in Variety, Media Trip is a new site from some familiar faces: Robert Faust (president), founder of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival; Patrick Lynn (VP of acquisitions), a well-known producer’s rep and former distribution executive; and Tom Brunelle (director of programming and marketing), former associate publisher of… Read more »

Film Festivals: Pitch TV

“It’s a home for people within the industry to view interesting work,” explains Linda Walsh, describing Pitch TV, a new site which debuted this fall. Launched by the folks behind PITCH, the New York City-based animation and commercial company, Pitch TV is a way to showcase their work and that of media artists. “One of… Read more »


Without a doubt, 1998 was a breakthrough year for digital filmmaking. Makers took notice as digital video (DV) projects such as Thomas Vinterberg’s The Celebration and Bennett Miller’s documentary The Cruise secured theatrical releases from major distributors (October Films and Artisan Entertainment respectively). Miramax released Michael Moore’s The Big One, which included DV footage. Zeitgeist… Read more »