Film Festivals: Pitch TV

“It’s a home for people within the industry to view interesting work,” explains Linda Walsh, describing Pitch TV, a new site which debuted this fall. Launched by the folks behind PITCH, the New York City-based animation and commercial company, Pitch TV is a way to showcase their work and that of media artists.

“One of the things that Pitch TV brings to the party is the experience of the people behind it,” adds Walsh. The effort is a combination of work by S.D. Katz, Jean-David Boulnah and Walsh, among others. Walsh indicated that they all come from the television, commercial, or film production communities, and are determined to use their experience as a way carefully to select qualified work.

Site sections include a festival area for screening short films from a variety of sources, a news section covering indie films, filmmaking and festivals, and finally a survey of international movies spotlighting a new country and new filmmakers each month. Additionally, Pitch TV plans to offer an off-line experience–live monthly screenings of new work.

“Electronic Cinema and the Internet open up new ways to reach an audience,” explains Katz. “I can write a short story, a musical, an animated short or a feature and build a following without the usual layers of approvals. When you take selling out of the equation, you find you gain a lot of creation time.”

Launched: September 1999

Plug-ins required: Flash and Quick Time

Audience: Not available at press time

Contact: 304 Hudson St., 6th floor, New York, NY 10013; (212) 584-5840; fax: 584-5845;

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