After 17 years publishing Moving Pictures magazine, the Maitland Primrose Group is partnering with other outlets to launch an alternative distribution channel. Maitland
Primrose Media will “offer a complete chain of digital distribution for independents” that is “focused on the audience- viewer side” says Moving Pictures publisher C. Margaret Tritch.

When Moving Pictures began publishing in 1989, it was a trade publication playing to the same audience as Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Screen International. Their motto, “going places other film magazines fear to tread,” has remained their goal even as their prospective audience has changed. In 2004, the magazine was relaunched as a prosumer publication seeking to fill the niche between gossip and trade publications about the film industry.

Their new media arm will film interviews with filmmakers and discussion panels at some of the larger festivals. These will be available on the Moving Pictures magazine website, as well as on screens at national theatre chains. Withoutabox, the online network famous for helping streamline submissions to film festivals, also plans to publish these interviews, as well as partner with MPM on a short film contest.

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