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It was while Matthew Jones was seeking cast and crew for his film projects at Columbia College that he realized the need for “a distribution outlet for our work along with a network to recruit from.” So he built The site includes uCrew—a group of writers, directors, cinematographers, sound designers, and actors, many of… Read more »

Movies on the Move

The original idea was to drive filmmaker Ben Blaine into the countryside and abandon him, but since Ben can’t drive and doesn’t own a mobile phone, his friends “thought it’d be great to do an event where I’m driven into the countryside and abandoned and people have to find me just using the Shooting People… Read more »


Indiepix and PixelTools Corporation recently announced that the 2,000 films available on’s Download-To- Own system will be watermarked using a new technology called MPEG Escort. The invisible, digital watermark allows online purchasers to make copies, but prevents pirates from doing so, (the watermark makes it simple to trace who originally purchased and downloaded the… Read more »


After 17 years publishing Moving Pictures magazine, the Maitland Primrose Group is partnering with other outlets to launch an alternative distribution channel. Maitland Primrose Media will “offer a complete chain of digital distribution for independents” that is “focused on the audience- viewer side” says Moving Pictures publisher C. Margaret Tritch. When Moving Pictures began publishing… Read more »