Author: Adam Pincus

Adam Pincus is a writer/producer at Sundance Channel, a freelance writer on independent film and technology, and a new media consultant.

Articles Written by Adam Pincus:

Selling Online: It’s the Distributor, Stupid

For self-publishers everywhere–whether they’re activists, advocates, renegade film critics, or opinionated cranks–you can’t beat the web for access and reach. All you need is an idea and an ISP, and your work is available, globally. Meanwhile, the recent emergence of online bazaars like eBay have made it possible for anyone to sell anything (while making… Read more »

Off the Beaten Track: the Blair Witch Project

We’re kind of a garage band of filmmaking," says Dan Myrick of his collaborators, an Orlando, Florida-based film collective called Haxan Films. Low-fi and revved up with basement tape ingenuity, Haxan cranked it to eleven in their debut film as a group, a thoroughly spooky mock-documentary-cum-horror film called The Blair Witch Project. The film premiered… Read more »