Author: Andrea Meyer

Andrea Meyer covers film for Interview, Time Out New York, indieWIRE, and the New York Post. She also reports on relationships and celebrities for Glamour.

Articles Written by Andrea Meyer:

Sex, Cats and Rock & Roll

If anyone captured the spirit of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, it was the codger who hoisted a placard that read: “The Toronto Film Festival is Satan’s Idea of Entertainment.” This middle-aged gentleman was part of a 150-person demonstration protesting the premiere screening of Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat. This ominous documentary… Read more »

The Strange and Wonderful World of “American Splendor”

From American Splendor’s first shots, you know you are watching something unusual: It’s Halloween, 1950, and the neighborhood runts are trick-or-treating, all done up as their favorite superheroes—except for one rebellious runt, who has stubbornly donned his street clothes. “I’m Harvey Pekar,” he tells a curious neighbor. “I ain’t no superhero, lady. I’m just a… Read more »

Living the Indie Life

The notion of the starving artist is a romantic one. Sepia-toned images float through our collective minds of creative geniuses scraping together enough pennies to drink a pastis in a Boulevard Saint Germain cafe, tummies growling while masterpieces bubble up in their brains. But the reality of life in the twenty-first century requires serious cash—and… Read more »

Dynamic Duo

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Todd Louiso met over ten years ago, when both were acting in Scent of a Woman. Since then, they have become friends, lived together for a year and a half, and worked together on a short film, The Fifteen Minute Hamlet (1995), Louiso directing, Hoffman acting. Then came the big challenge:… Read more »

Something Old, Something New: Archival Research Online

In the olden days (three or four years ago) producers in search of film footage of a particular subject–say, Alfred Hitchcock–would call a series of archives to find out if they had any. If so, the producer/researcher would go to the archive to look through hours of videotape. If the project was about, say, the… Read more »