Author: Angela Alston

Since October 2001, Angela Alston has worked on DN!, most recently as technical director. She’s also a board member of AIVF. Her most recent shorts, Tibetan Vigil and Invisible Girl, are part of the D-Word collaborative War and Peace Project and are streaming online at

Articles Written by Angela Alston:

Cave Paintings, Churches, and Rooftops

While the Lumiere brothers originally screened their films in a Paris café, the term microcinema was not coined until 1991 with the naming of Rebecca Barten and David Sherman’s Total Mobile Home Microcinema. Since then microcinema has come to define a broad range of small screening spaces specializing in moving image media that hovers out… Read more »

Democracy Now!

Since shortly after September 11th, Democracy Now!, already a well established radio show hosted by Amy Goodman, has been televised nationally. The show uses a groundbreaking method of distribution. Each day as the show is aired live (9 to 10am est on Manhattan Neighborhood Network), the show is simultaneously encoded into an MPEG2 file. Immediately… Read more »