Author: Ann Lewinson

Ann Lewinson is a New York-based writer on arts and culture. Her work has appeared in Stagebill, Citysearch, and P.S.1’s Special Project Writers Series.

Articles Written by Ann Lewinson:

The View from the Whitney

Chrissie Iles is the curator of film and video at the Whitney Museum of American Art and has been curating for twenty-three years. Before joining the Whitney in 1997, she was head of exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford. Her Whitney exhibit, Into the Light: The Projected Image in American Art 1964-1977,… Read more »

The Women Behind the Camera

This was going to be the last article ever on woman cinematographers. It shouldn’t be news in 2003 that women are making movies—gorgeous, stunning, provocative movies—and with Ellen Kuras shooting big-budget Hollywood films like Analyze That, can anyone still argue that the gaze is male? But consider this: According to the annual “Celluloid Ceiling” study… Read more »