Author: Bo Mehrad

Bo Mehrad is an AIVF staff member and NY based writer/director. He cuts his own hair.

Articles Written by Bo Mehrad:

Beer at Sundance

The subject of producers’ reps—who they are and what they do—is one that a lot of us find confusing. And yet, most films that secure distribution during festivals, especially in recent years, have done so through the help of a producers’ rep. I decided it would be both useful and important as a filmmaker to… Read more »


WITH STARZ IN THEIR EYES The Starz FilmCenter, a unique collaboration between the Denver Film Society, Colorado University-Denver, and the Starz Encore Group, is scheduled to officially open its doors in the Fall 2003. The $9 million center will be home to both the Denver Film Society and the Arts and Media Film Education Program… Read more »