Author: Christopher Bonastia

CHRISTOPHER BONASTIA is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the City University of New York, Lehman College. His book, Knocking on the Door: The Federal Government’s Attempt to Desegregate the Suburbs, will be published in 2006 by Princeton University Press. As a journalist, his writing has appeared in The New Republic, Vibe, SF Weekly, and The San Francisco Bay Guardian. If you want to check out his new “album,” you can email him at

Articles Written by Christopher Bonastia:

Is documentary the new memoir?

I am a sociologist who conducts historical research on race and social policy, so my work has something in common with a documentary filmmaker’s attempt to uncover some version of “the truth” (however defined). Maybe this is just my sociological training leaking out, but when I watch a documentary—especially a highly personal, idiosyncratic one—I want… Read more »