Author: Elizabeth Peters

Elizabeth Peters was director of AIVF and publisher of The Independent.

Articles Written by Elizabeth Peters:

An Adventure of Perception

James Stanley Brakhage died March 9 after a long battle with cancer. According to a statement written by his wife, Marilyn, “Stan spent his final weeks and days scratching on film and drawing pictures of his visions, both internal and external, as he worked through his illness. He expressed much love and kindness and gratitude… Read more »

Karen Cooper

“At this moment, my biggest dream is to find the source of our HVAC leak without having to shut theaters and tear into walls,” says Karen Cooper, executive director of New York City’s Film Forum. “There’s nothing less glamorous than a broken machine.” A prosaic goal for the woman responsible for presenting work to over… Read more »

Free Speech TV

"We are a voice for activists working independently of large media companies, to some degree in opposition to them," explains Free Speech TV founder John Schwartz. "We champion work that presents an explicit point of view, which means we do have a distinctly different vision than most television channels." This distinctly different vision encompasses not… Read more »