Author: Gary O. Larson

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5 for the Future

For all of CPB’s lofty intentions, the ultimate shape of public television in the digital age will be fashioned by those who actually ply the trade – the artists and producers. Here is a short list of five CPB-funded projects that provides a peek at the kind of work that’s headed our way. Local News… Read more »

CPB’s Digital Game Plan

Provided we all make it through Y2K safely, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has another milestone in mind "2K3" denoting the final, April 2003 deadline for all of the nation’s 1600 television stations to be broadcasting in digital. Among those stations making the mighty analog-to-digital conversion are some 350 public television stations, which hope to… Read more »

High Tech, Low Profile

Never has a revolution started so quietly. Some 40 stations across the country, from WCBS in New York to KGO in San Francisco, began digital television (DTV) broadcasts last November, and almost no one was watching. At least not on sets capable of receiving the high-definition television (HDTV) signals. Those large-screen models, at $5,000 and… Read more »


Between the impeachment proceedings in Washington and the bombing runs over Iraq, the mid-December release of a final report by the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters didn’t stand much of a chance. Even on a slow news day, this was not the kind of material to create much of a… Read more »