Author: John Pavlus

John Pavlus is a Brooklyn based freelance writer whose work has appeared in Salon, American Cinematographer, and other magazines.

Articles Written by John Pavlus:

Chaos Below Canal

New York City: the one place on earth that may, at least in the eyes of its own citizens, come close to being all things to all people. Dizzying variety in every direction has always been at once the draw and curse of the place—and so too has it been for the annual Tribeca Film… Read more »

Double Vision

The so-called “Film Brat” generation of the middle to late 1970s has been blamed for, or credited with, many things regarding independent filmmaking—from sparking off a studio-sanctioned Golden Age (Scorsese, Coppola) to ushering in a studio-sanctioned Dark Age (Lucas, Spielberg). But whatever the myths or merits of that motley band, there’s no denying one salient… Read more »