Author: Joshua Neuman

JOSHUA NEUMAN is the editor and publisher of Heeb Magazine. He is a graduate of Brown University and the Harvard Divinity School. He has taught philosophy courses at NYU, consulted for Comedy Central, appeared on VH1, Court TV, and NPR and is the co-author of The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies (St Martin’s Press, 2005). The Los Angeles Times called him “one part scholar and one part Beastie Boy.” He lives in downtown Manhattan in a building his father could have bought for $12 in 1974.

Articles Written by Joshua Neuman:

Production Journal

In October of 2000, my then 20-year-old brother Jonathan was sent to the oncology unit of Massachusetts General Hospital from the Tufts University campus infirmary after a month of persistent head and neck aches and a “suspicious” blood test. While in the waiting room, he stopped a nurse to ask what the word “oncology” meant…. Read more »