Author: Kate Bernstein

Kate Bernstein is a producer for VH-1 and has written about film, music, and popular
culture for a variety of magazines. She received her BA from Swarthmore College and her MA from NYU, both in cinema studies. Her short film, Ladies Room, is currently touring festivals. Kate was born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

Articles Written by Kate Bernstein:

Effie Brown

“A hybrid of a hippie commune and capitalism,” is how revered indie film producer Effie Brown describes the goal of her new production company, Duly Noted. “A safe place where filmmakers will be able to go and create, know they’re not going to get screwed over, and at the end of the day be prosperous.”… Read more »

The Women of Sundance

Flipping through the catalog of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the faces of American narrative filmmakers are unsurprisingly still predominantly male, reflecting the state of the industry at large. However, there are a few renegade female faces that thankfully interrupt the gender homogeneity. Whether their films have overtly feminist subject matter that directly relates to… Read more »

The Talented Tenth

While so many of Hollywood’s high-paid actors spend their paychecks on the kind of luxury items the rest of the world only comes in contact with on trashy celebrity television shows, some are emptying their bank accounts and charging up their credit cards like the rest of us—making movies. A rising group of thespians are… Read more »