Author: Katherine Dykstra

KATHERINE DYKSTRA, The Independent’s associate editor, is also a contributor at The New York Post and a freelance writer and editor. Her work has appeared in Time Out New York, Fodor’s travel guides, Redbook, and She is a recent graduate of The New School University’s nonfiction MFA program. And she spends Wednesday afternoons teaching creative writing to the coolest kids in Harlem

Articles Written by Katherine Dykstra:

Q&A – Larry Clark

Larry Clark’s films are shocking. There’s Kids, about drug-using, AIDS-carrying, sexually active Manhattan teenagers; Bully, the true story of a group of teens who murder their tormentor; and Ken Park, which was so sexually explicit, it was never released in the U.S. These films are shocking because they capture a reality most people don’t want… Read more »

Q/A: Rosario Dawson and Talia Lugacy

Rosario Dawson was sleeping when I arrived on the set of Descent at Brooklyn’s Galapagos bar/gallery on a slushy morning in December. I had come to interview Dawson and her Trybe production company partner and longtime friend, Talia Lugacy. But Lugacy was busy directing the film’s “club scene,” and thus also unavailable, so I waited… Read more »

Docurama on the Rise

At the 1998 Sundance Film Festival, Steve Savage and Susan Margolin, the two minds behind New Video, a New York-based entertainment marketing and sales company, watched as tickets for documentaries were snatched up left and right. They witnessed audiences line up to get into sold-out theaters. They saw documentary after documentary screen with standing room… Read more »

Sunday Night Muse

It’s Sunday night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—the reigning annex of lower east side hipsterdom. Live jazz floats from the open windows of a Tiki bar, sidewalk cafes overflow with 20-somethings, and scads of the tragically hip mill around street corners as the summer sun retires. All the while, a dedicated audience heavy with filmmakers sits in… Read more »