Author: Kay Frances Scott

Kay Frances Scott is a writer and actress currently living in Iowa.

Articles Written by Kay Frances Scott:

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas, became a national focus during the eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, but Little Rock has always been a state and regional hub, not only for politics (before Clinton, there was Fulbright, McClellan, and later, Bumpers), but also for the arts and for artful living. Its redesigned riverfront features fine dining, live… Read more »


Iowa is best known for early political caucuses, Old Settlers Picnics, the fictional River City of Meredith Wilson’s musical Music Man, Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams, and although not quite as famous, the corncam website. Yes, corncam. At you can literally sit back and watch the corn grow, with updates every fifteen minutes. But… Read more »