Author: Maureen A. Nolan

Maureen A. Nolan is a script, story, and creative consultant who works with writers and filmmakers on story development, script doctoring, and rewrites. Her background includes eight years as a top script and story analyst for Miramax Films. She has also worked as an analyst for HBO and Columbia Tristar Television, and has served as resource consultant for scripts for the IFP’s Resource Consultant Panel. She holds an MFA in dramatic writing from New York University. Recently, she was the industry mentor for the AIVF Screenwriter Mentorship Program.

Articles Written by Maureen A. Nolan:

Secrets and LIES

You have become the thing that you have mocked. That’s a paraphrase of a famous Shakespeare line, and it’s also a line that often popped into my head after I became a script and story analyst. By choosing to work on the development side of film, I had allied myself with the “thing” most screenwriters… Read more »